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July 17th

Assessing a case using legal expertise and local knowledge


When you need advice in an employment dispute, you need more than just knowledge of the law. You also need to know what arguments and what strategies work best in your local area.

Specialist employment law solicitors in London can help you with this. They will advise you on the most effective approach to take when you are making or defending an employment claim. They will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of negotiating for a settlement, mediation, asking a tribunal to dismiss the other party’s case or, in the worst case, going to a hearing. In the maze of options, a disinterested, professional third party avoids your time being wasted on a dead end.

If you choose to apply for a hearing, the process is heavily standardised. Which forms should you use? How should you fill them in? How should you plan around the deadlines? An expert familiar with the system with you will help you to manage your case efficiently. They will also help you select the strongest arguments, focus on only essential evidence and draft clear submissions. Should your dispute be accepted for decision by the tribunal, a lawyer’s experience in pleading will present your case as persuasively as possible.

However, legal expertise on its own is not enough to give your case the edge. On-the-ground knowledge of each tribunal – its composition, its members’ backgrounds and its tendencies in outcomes – is essential to make the best arguments. Employment law solicitors in London are in the ideal position to present a case for your local tribunal.

It is also important to understand the other party’s needs and backgrounds if you wish to save time and costs by reaching a settlement. Employment law solicitors from London can address local parties’ arguments appropriately, showing how your case matches their interests.

A lawyer’s experience in spotting ploys and deflecting arguments will also play its part here. You can negotiate from the strength of a full understanding of legal obligations and decisions, along with sound advice on when an offer is worth accepting and how far to push for a better offer.

When you are caught up in a case, it is hard to disentangle yourself emotionally. It is even harder to understand the full extent of the law and how to present your case most effectively. This is where employment law solicitors from London can be invaluable.

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