Custody Laws in Tennessee

May 31st

Custody Laws in Tennessee

Divorce is never a pleasant thing. It is made even less so when there are children involved. Figuring out which parent should gain custody of the children is never an easy thing. It takes two people to agree on which home is best for a child’s well being, and that is not something that couples who separate can always agree on. There are specific TN custody laws, but they are not easy to understand to someone who is not in the legal field. If you are having a hard time reaching an agreement with your ex, you may need to hire the help of an attorney to settle a custody agreement, and to resolve the custody issue.


What is custody?
When you split with your partner, someone needs to be the custodial parent legally. That means that someone needs to be legally responsible for them. You will both still be responsible for them, but there will be a custody agreement about who gets the child, when they get them, and how much time each party is allowed. Those are the logistics that must be put forth and approved by a court. There are very specific TN custody laws that outline how the papers must be drawn and agreed upon. Finding a custody agreement on your own is not always possible. It may at times be necessary to hire an attorney, especially in cases where:


  • There is a disagreement about who is to be the primary custodial parent
  • You disagree about the proportions of time
  • Someone wants to leave the state for which you live
  • You are unable to come to terms on your own

Ideally, you should be able to work out the details amicably, but that is not possible for all couples. Finding an attorney is something you should do to protect your own interests and that of your child. Each party should have their own attorney who is hired to protect their own self interests.
What is the best way to find a custody lawyer?

There are many ways to find a lawyer, but not all of them are equally good. The ways that you can look for an attorney are:

  • Through the internet
  • The Yellow pages
  • Friends and family referral
  • The Bar Association

When possible it is best to get a referral from someone you trust, or who knows the capability of the lawyer that you are attempting to hire. Asking friends and family for a recommendation is a way to get a trusted attorney. Sometimes it may be necessary to interview to find the right one to protect you. You are about to go through some rough months. Finding an individual who is concerned about your well being all the way around is very important. Take the time to find someone that you trust and believe has your best interest at heart. If you are looking for more information about the TN custody laws and what you are entitled to, go to

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