How to choose Employment Law solicitors in London

September 30th

How to choose Employment Law solicitors in London

LondonThe volume of employment law legislation in the UK has increased significantly, at least in part, because of our membership of the European Union. Because of that growth, employment law is a lucrative specialism for solicitors, and finding employment law solicitors in London who are willing to take your case will not prove difficult. Selecting the right lawyer from the myriad of solicitors who specialise in this area is more complicated.

The nature of the problem

Identifying appropriate Employment Law solicitors in London depends, in part, upon the nature of the problem. If the issue is straightforward, for example a claim for unpaid wages, then locality and fees may be the most important factors, since this is an issue which is easily resolved without recourse to a tribunal. Where the issue relates to unfair dismissal, or discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, race, sex, religion or sexual orientation, it is likely that the claim will be resolved by an employment tribunal, and it is important the appointed solicitor has the expertise to provide both sound advice and effective representation before the tribunal.
Factors to consider in selecting Employment Law solicitors in London

  • Check the website, which will detail the expertise of the lawyers, their approach to client care, and, to some extent, their overall efficiency: where a website is not kept up to date, that may reflect the approach of the lawyers in terms of keeping abreast of employment law developments. Many solicitors offer a free initial meeting, which provides the opportunity to ensure that this firm of Employment Law solicitors in London is appropriate to handle your case.
  • Ensure you meet the solicitor who will handle the case at the initial meeting. Many firms assign cases to inexperienced or trainee members of staff, the experienced employment lawyer merely taking on a supervisory role.
  • Use the initial meeting to obtain an estimate of costs, expected outcome, timescale and strategy. If this information is not readily provided, appoint different Employment Law solicitors in London to handle the case.
  • Establish how fees will be paid: will the solicitor require an ‘up-front’ sum, a monthly payment or a lump sum payable once the matter has been resolved?
  • Ask the solicitor to detail his experience in dealing with similar cases. Only appoint a solicitor with a good track record.


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