Drunken Driving Attorney

August 23rd

We all know it is hard to find a good attorney at law theses day to defend you in court, someone you can trust to fight for your rights and not just take the easy cash.

Criminal Law Attorney

Criminal Law Attorney

We want to let you know that is not the case with us here at THE LAW OFFICES OF DRUNK DRIVING ATTORNEY’S!



Here is what matters to us!

  • You know just what you are being charged with and understand the charges
  • You know and understand what you can do
  • You are protected in and out of court
  • This does not stop you from living your life!
  • That you feel you are being treated fairly

Some questions you should be ready to answer.

  • Do you feel you were over the legal limit
  • Did the officer that arrested you treat you fairly
  • Walk us throw everything that happed that night/day
  • Were you on any medication?

Here are things we will be looking for.

Drunken Driving Attorney

Drunken Driving Attorney

  • Was the test done by a person with a proper permit?
  • Was any one around to make sure you were treated rite?
  • Did the officer have reason to stop you?
  • Were you victim of “Unlawful Research?”
  • Much Much more!


Well being a drunk driving attorney is the most easy job in the world nothing matters more to us than keeping you safe!

If you are being charged with a DUI or DWI it is time to contact us ASAP!

Call us at (702) 529-1166



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It is my dream to help people get out of trouble, as a kid growing up I hated it when I would see people not know how to fight the legal system and more times than not they would end up getting what was close to the max for there charge. After I got out of school I wanted to make sure I was able to help in any legal matter I could. If you need help with any legal problem just give me a call and I will help you out today!

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