Dont Just Pay The Fine!

July 21st

I had a client a few weeks ago that came in and was so afraid of what was going to happen she was ready to just pay the fine and have it done and over with.   I had to fight with her not to do it and here is the reason why.


We Are Here To Help You

We Are Here To Help You

First let me tell you a little about the women that was my client.

She is a 27 year old single mother of 2 and works very hard to provide for her family.  Like a lot of people she likes to go out from time to time and that’s when it happened. She had a few to many drinks and was driving when she was pulling over a cop say her bad driving.

By the end of the night she had more charges that she could understand and had no idea what to do. That is when she got ahold of me and together we have been fighting the charges doing our best to show the courts that she is not a bad person and this is not by any means the normal behavior of my client.

After fighting for a few days with her about just paying the fine and stopping all of the court hearings I told her I would see what they would offer her.  For the charges she had the state was willing to give her something like this.

  1. Loss of driver license for 1 year
  2. $2000.00 fine and court charges
  3. 100 hours of AA meetings

After I seen this I was sure I would not be able to let her take this, as I have been working with her for a little while I see she is a loving mother and works full time to give the best for her kids.  There was now was she could live without driving and have to spend 100 hours in an AA meeting.

I talked her in to not paying the fine and after a few weeks of fighting she ended up paying the $2000.00 and getting a few points on her record.


Well I may not be able to do this for everyone; this is what I fight for. If you become my client I do not stop fighting until we have the best outcome for you!


IF you are thinking of just paying the fine to make it go away, you could be doing a lot more harm than good.

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