Cross Border Car Accidents and ICBC

October 24th

Cross Border Car Accidents and ICBC

Cross Border Car Accidents and ICBC

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Although you may not know it, if you have a BC driver’s license, or an owner’s certificate for a vehicle, or you live in the household of a person who holds a driver’s license or owner’s certificate for a vehicle, you are entitled to up to $1 million dollars in underinsured motorist protection (“UMP”).

In the US, some states have very low insurance coverage requirements. In California for example, a driver may only be covered for $15,000 for each injured party.

Therefore, if you are a BC resident and find yourself in an accident in the US and the driver’s insurance falls short of covering your damages, ICBC must step in and cover the remainder. This is what is referred to as UMP coverage.

If ICBC will not agree to pay the full amount of the plaintiffs damages, the injured party may commence an arbitration proceeding against ICBC.

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